Just one more thing…

The way that Home Owners Associations/strata committees make decisions is typically debate, debate and then agree on one thing to do (if at all!)

There might be 10 different options being thrown around for saving energy. However, each committee meeting typically only generates commitment to proceed with one energy saving project. The committee reconvenes after the project is done and the results are in and say “Wow, that really did work. Now let’s try another energy saving project.”

There are now 9 options left on the table for the next project and after debate, the committee agrees on just one thing to proceed with. The results come in, it worked and then they get more confident and do another.

The energy saving projects continue in serial. The process takes 2.5 years instead of 3 months.

The tragedy of the committee process is that it drives to a single action, where if the committee had the insights available on the full range of projects that made sense for them, they could proceed with multiple projects in parallel.

The benefit of doing more energy saving projects sooner, is that you get your savings kicking in sooner. This ultimately improves your cash flow.

That’s why you need a roadmap for energy saving….better go get yourself one right now!


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